Alphaville – Forever Young (Super Deluxe) (Remaster) (2019)

Genre: Synth Pop
Year: 2019
Format: Mp3 / Flac (tracks)
Quality: 320 kbps / Lossless

01. A Victory of Love (Remaster)
02. Summer in Berlin (Remaster)
03. Big in Japan (Remaster)
04. To Germany with Love (Remaster)
05. Fallen Angel (Remaster)
06. Forever Young (Remaster)
07. In the Mood (Remaster)
08. Sounds Like a Melody (Remaster)
09. Lies (Remaster)
10. The Jet Set (Remaster)
11. Big in Japan (Single Version) [Remaster]
12. Seeds (Remaster)
13. Sounds Like a Melody (Single Version) [Remaster]
14. The Nelson Highrise (Sector 1: The Elevator) [Single Version] [Remaster]
15. Forever Young (Version Rapide) [Remaster]
16. Welcome to the Sun (Remaster)
17. The Jet Set (Single Remix) [Remaster]
18. Golden Feeling (Remaster)
19. Big in Japan (Extended Remix) [Remaster]
20. Sounds Like a Melody (Special Long Version) [Remaster]
21. The Nelson Highrise (Sector 1: The Elevator) [12″ Version] [Remaster]
22. Forever Young (Special Dance Version) [Remaster]
23. The Jet Set (Jellybean Mix) [Remaster]
24. Big in Japan (Extended Instrumental) [Remaster]
25. The Jet Set (Dub Mix) [Remaster]
26. A Victory of Love (Demo Remix) [Remaster]
27. Summer In Berlin (Original Demo) [Remaster]
28. Big in Japan (Demo Remix) [Remaster]
29. To Germany with Love (Original Demo) [Remaster]
30. Fallen Angel (Demo Remix) [Remaster]
31. Forever Young (Demo Remix) [Remaster]
32. In the Mood (Demo Remix) [Remaster]
33. Sounds Like a Melody (Original Demo) [Remaster]
34. Lies (Original Demo) [Remaster]
35. The Jet Set (Original Demo) [Remaster]
36. Leben Ohne Ende / Seeds (Original Demo) [Remaster]
37. Traumtanzer (Original Demo) [Remaster]
38. Blauer Engel (Original Demo) [Remaster]
39. Romance (Demo Sketch) [Remaster]
40. Colours (Instrumental) [Remaster]
41. Into the Dark (Demo Remix) [Remaster]


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